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The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver,the Book Groups next choice

I very much enjoyed “The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, so I was pleased when “The Lacuna” was chosen.  It is set in Mexico and the U.S.A., starting in 1929.the story of Harrison Shepherd an American boy taken to Mexico by his mother.  It follows his life as he gets involved in the lives of famed Mexican muralist DiegoRivera, his artist wife Frida  Kahlo and exiled Bolshevik leader Lev Trotsky.  His years spent with them working as a cook/ secretary affected his later life when he moved to Carolina in the U.S

This book will appeal to anyone interested in the history of Mexico and the political scene in the U.S. after World WarII  during the anti-communist period.  It is extremely well written and I was carried away by the story.  The Book group meeting has ben moved to a date towards the end of April so I will have to wait for the other member’s opinion.  I hope that they  are all enjoying it. Happy Easter!!!!!

A very “Senior Moment” followed by a series of “Moments”.

I have now lived in this city for twelve years renting a flat in one of the large “Edwardian”/”Georgian” town houses in a tree lined road beside a park.  For the first eleven years I rented the top floor flat (the old servants quarters), of one of these houses, then my land lord bought the house next door but one, he knew that I was struggling to carry my shopping up four flights of stairs so he offered me the large ground floor flat of his new property. I had to think about his offer very carefully because the rent was quite a lot more  and  the flat would cost a lot to heat, however I knew that I would not be able to climb those four flights of stairs for much longer so I accepted his offer and was pleased when I realizesd that the yard at the rear of the flat could  be my garden.  Last summer I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and beans, at the moment my spring  flowers are looking wonderful. I was given a small plastic greenhouse for Christmas, so I will be making good use of it as soon as the weather warms up, at the moment I have seedlings on my south facing window cill.  I have to grow everything in pots as the yard is paved over.

Every Thursday evening I look  after my grandchildren for a few hours while the parents enjoy an exercise class. I am always driven home by my son-in-law, we usually have a little chat about family matters before I go inside.  Last week it  was my grandson’s test results that were on our minds.  Having said “Good night” I went straight to my front door. and put my key in the lock, imagine my surprise when it wouldn’t open.  I tried the key one way, then  the other way, it just would not turn so I started to panic!  I spent at least ten minutes trying to force my key into the lock, at last I gave up and decided to ring the buzzer of the girl who lives in the flat above me so that she could let me in.  As I  was about to to ring the bell I thought that the landlord  had changed the buttons because they looked different, it took several seconds before reality hit me ,I was trying to break into the wrong house!!!!This was the house next door but one whereI used to live upstairs on the fourth floor.  I laughed and laughed and called myself “the silly”Old Bat” that I am.  The only excuse that I have is that all the houses look the same from the road, it  was dark,  and I did not notice that there was grass outside this house not the”paving ” that is outside my new one.  I will have to be a lot more careful in future otherwise I will end up in trouble!!!!!  “Old Bat arrested for breaking and entering” will be the newspaper headlines.

March 21st.

Every morning before going to work I go out into my yard/garden to ‘top up’ my bird feeders or if its a lovely morning to hang out my washing.  A few mornings ago,the sun was shining, so out I went with the wet laundry.  Imagine my shock when the door banged shut behind me, I was locked out.  One of the workmen had altered the setting of the lock, I should have checked.  Thank goodness I was fully dressed and not in my night wear as I could have been.  It was quite a long time before I was rescued.!!!My daughter has now given  me a door stop “pig” so  now I do not go out without putting it in place.

This morning  I tried to pay for my bus ride using my library card instead of my free bus pass.  What next, I really must concentrate a bit better and not be such a dotty “Old Bat”.