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Drama at the Hairdressers

Last Thursday I battled against the wind to get to my hairdresser’s appointment.  The wind was very strong and gusty so it was a real struggle to walk  the three hundred yards.  I have short straight hair which only needs a ‘trim’ now and again so I can fit one in during my lunch hour.

I arrived a few minutes late but it did not matter because  Lucy who cuts my hair had not quite finished with the client before me.  This client appeared to me to be a very small frail elderly lady.   As she went to the door I warned her about the strong gusty wind.  Taking my seat in front of the mirror I heard a shout and saw people rushing to the door. Unfortunately the frail lady was lying on the pavement outside the ‘salon’ having been blown over by the wind.  She was brought back  looking dazed with a big lump on the back of her head,  an ambulance was sent for.  A para- medic arrived very quickly and asked the frail elderly lady to go with him to the hospital for a check up.  The elderly lady was certainly not ‘frail’, she completely refused to go with him to the hospital and said that she was going to drive home.  Nothing that anyone could say would   persuade  her to change her mind, she was going to drive home and no one was going to stop her.  This ‘frail’ lady with a large lump on her head, obviously shocked,  is ninety one years old, and no one, not even the para-medic could legally stop her from driving home, no matter how much of a danger she was to  other people.  She also refused to go home by taxi.  I  had to go back to work before the situation was resolved, as I left the para-medic was still  trying his best to persuade the patient to accompany him to the hospital.

I know that I am talking about  a ‘touchy’ subject for many us, I have absolutely  nothing against older people driving as long as they are completely competent but I could not see that this was the case on Thursday.   I myself gave up driving when I moved from the ‘country’ to the city, I did not feel that my reactions were quick enough. I now have a bus pass.   I do not know what happened on Thursday after I left the salon, or how it was resolved,  but I will find out and let you know..

I would appreciate your views on this subject


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, the Book group’s next choice.

At our last Book Group meeting I did not vote when it came to the choice of the next book,  I had no preference so I left it to the rest of the group to decide, I accepted the majority decision. I have now started to read the book and think that I am going to enjoy it

This book is about Harold Fry, lately retired, who receives a letter from an old friend that he has neglected, saying that she has cancer.  He goes to post a reply dressed in his ordinary clothes and his yachting shoes.  He finds that he just cannot post the letter that he has written, so he writes another one to send to her in Berwick-on-Tweed , he tells his friend that he is walking to see her from Devon, so she is to keep on living until he gets there.  He starts his walk from the moment he posts that letter, phoning his wife later!!!.

I was worried about him setting off on a five hundred mile walk in his yachting shoes completely unprepared for such a journey,  I was particularly concerned as to whether he had money with him, it was a few chapters later that I found that he had his wallet in his back pocket. At my present place in the book Harold is meeting many different people and I am starting to love  this man who is walking, remembering and mourning his past life when he loved his wife and son “from the sidelines”.


I have now finished the book and would like you all to read it so I am not going to spoil it for you.  Good reading!!!!!