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I am going to try and enjoy my birthday!!!

It is coming around again this week, my birthday. I know.that we all must get older, I am quite resigned to that,I just hate the fuss and hope that that everyone forgets about it, of course they won’t, but I hope that they have listened and have just got me a card, absolutely no presents. At this stage of my life it is time for me to give things away, not collect more. My family are coming to see me the week after B day so we can all go out and have a nice meal together which I will enjoy.
Life in general is pretty good at the moment, despite my injured leg which is taking a very long time to get better. I am enjoying the company of my grandson who is staying with me during the university vacation, it is wonderful that he is doing my heavy shopping and is watering my pot/garden during the present heatwave. All the plants are doing well, we are eating our own tomatoes, courgettes and French beans, how good they taste!!!!! My basil plants all recovered, the tinsel certainly frightened the pigeons away from the courgettes. I have some beautiful flowers, fuchsias, sweet peas,osteospermums, patio roses,hydrangeas, geraniums, pinks and lots of cheerful nasturtiums climbing everywhere
To g0 back to the birthday, I am going to make a big effort to enjoy it and stop humming a theme tune from the past, “dumpity dum Sunset Strip”
I have been enjoying this Sporting summer, Le Tour de France has just finished (one of my favourite events) with a Briton winning the famous Yellow Jersey. We seem to be doing well against the Aussies in the cricket, but the highlight for me will be Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. I have followed his career since he was a gangly teenager full of promise coming from a town that had suffered a dreadful event in its past. If anyone missed the B.B.C. programme about him, please try and see it as it is really worth watching.
I might have been enjoying the sport but the heatwave has been a bit too much for me. The bus has been like an oven, so has my place of work, I cannot grumble too much as I have been complaining about the cold wet Spring. I think that Welsh people like me are bred for our normal cool damp climate, we can cope with that and enjoy the occasional fresh summer day that is bestowed upon us.

I have to let you know that I had a lovely birthday. Lots of visiting friends with birthday cards and absolutely no presents, I do not include a beautiful bunch of roses from the friend that I work with. I am looking forward to next weekend when the family will be having a non-birthday celebration!!!!


Is Summer really coming?

We have had such a miserable long, cold, windy Winter and Spring that I can hardly believe that the forecasters are giving a hot summery spell for the coming week. Having struggled to keep my plants healthy, I had to keep bringing them in doors at night because the temperature kept dipping below the required 10 degrees. I can now start enjoying seeing my tomatoes cucumber, courgettes,French and runner beans, chilli peppers grow and get ripe. I have had trouble with my herb garden, I always grow a few different varieties of basil, some for the window cill and some bush basil for outside: some pesky insect has been making a meal of their leaves. I have also been waging war with a couple of pigeons, they pecked the heart out of my first courgette plants. To beat them I raided my Christmas decoration box and now all plants at risk are decorated with sparkling waving tinsel!!!!
I was extremely happy this morning when I saw my first sweet pea blossom against my kitchen window. I planted a special heritage mixture grown for it’s outstanding scent just out side. I know that I will have to keep picking them to keep them flowering but it’s nice to enjoy them in place for a little while.

The next book group meeting has been put back for a few weeks because of members taking their holidays but I am looking forward to discussing such a controversial book.

I am very lucky to have my elder grandson staying with me while he is on holiday from university (he has a part time job).It is great having a bit of company specially as in the”sporting” sense I am carrying an injury. I cannot always remember that I really am an “Old Bat”, nearer 80 than 70. Two months ago I ran for a bus pulling a muscle in my groin which has been very painful and is getting better very slowly. It did not help matters when I was carrying the heavy pots indoors every night. Now I have a strong willing young man to help with any heavy lifting and watering if the forecasters are correct. I do love his company and will miss him when he leaves.
I have had another “Old Bat” incident which has made all who know me have a good laugh. I am a terrible chatter box, I think that a lot of us elderly people who live on our own talk too much when we get the opportunity. To get on with the incident,while I wait for the bus in the mornings I see the small children being taken to school by their Mums. I always say “Good Morning” to them as they pass. On this particular morning a little group of excited small children were anxious to tell me about their wonderful school trip: I wanted to hear all about it so that I forgot to concentrate on what I should be doing (going to work), as a result, we all watched the bus whizz by!!!!! We all had a good laugh, they will be teasing me about this forever.