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I think that going back to my old home stamping ground for the funeral of my cousin affected me more than I realised. I now seem to have a new lease of life and have started to sort out some of the unimportant but annoying small problems that affect my life at the moment, I am fighting back! I have been limping around and been unable to negotiate any sort of step for the past four months, so I decided to telephone the department of the hospital to ask when my ultra scan was going to take place. There is such a long waiting list for non emergency scans that I would not be seen until after December 31st. I rang my wonderful doctor who was very surprised as she had asked for the scan a.s.a.p. She immediately rang the hospital and asked for an appointment at “the trauma clinic”, we await results but she has instructed her office staff to keep in touch with the clinic so that I can take up any cancellation that might turn up.

My grandson is resuming his university course very soon so he will not be able to do my shopping for me so I decided to be really “with it” and try to do my shopping “On line”. I know that I write this blog and can send e-mails, but that is the whole extent of my computer skills. I have struggled all day to register with a good but not expensive store and place my first order. I feel completely exhausted, it is so out of my ‘comfort zone’. I had to resist a lot of the pretty inviting pictures of all that lovely food (I am a very greedy old lady) and stick to my prepared list. It will all be delivered to my door at a stipulated time, I am going to give it a good try and hopefully become more independent, I must say ‘thanks to my children who have always made sure that I have everything that I need., but it will be good not to have to ask
I have also tackled my service providers, with winter fast approaching, my gas bill has been on my mind. When I rang the provider, a very helpful young lady. sorted out my ‘standing orders’. I managed to reduce my electricity “monthly direct debit” but my gas one stays large, so I am going to have to take steps to reduce the heating bill. I live in a flat in a house where the facade is ‘listed’ so there is no ‘double glazing’ to my very large bay window in the living room. I am going to have to organize some secondary glazing, perspex, maybe cling film ,(I’m joking about the cling film), I will have to think of something, any ideas?
Now to my over riding hobby, gardening. I have been busy taking ‘cuttings’ of various plants, particularly fuchsias. My daughter gave me a ‘winter hardy’ fuchsia called Mrs Popple, it is beautiful and is the same colour combination as the cutting that I ‘stole’ from that derelict garden. The flowers on Mrs Popple are smaller than my stolen one which I call ‘Brazen Beauty’. They are a combination of shocking pink and deep purple. I am also taking cuttings for my elder daughter who is setting up a plant stall with a friend, at a ‘Farmers Market’ as light relief from her stressful job as a teacher.

Thinking about this interest with gardening, I think that it is all to do with my past life of ‘nurturing’. When I was young, being born on a farm, I was brought up to look after animals. Then I got married and looked after the farm and children. The children grew up and had their own children, I helped with them, now they have all grown up except one precious eight year old who now helps me with my garden. Gardening, is obviously taking care of that part of me that needs to nurture something. Long may it continue!!!!!!

An extremely emotional day

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my first cousin, a very troubled soul, who had died suddenly. He lived in the county of my birth about two hours journey from where I live now. My eldest son who still lives there came and collected me, my youngest son who was travelling down from the North of England arranged to bring me back home after the service.
We had a trouble free journey down to the pretty little church in the middle of the countryside where both my grand parents and my parents are buried, this is what my cousin wanted, to be buried near them. I was surprised to see that the beautifully decorated church was full as my cousin had opted out of local society some years before. The congregation was in good voice specially during the singing of the hymn Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven) the anthem of Welsh Rugby. The service was centred around the subject of “Rest In Peace”which I felt was appropriate.
I stupidly thought that I would not be very affected by the day, how wrong I was, as soon as I saw my cousin’s wife who had stood by him through thick and thin, I was completely undone and remained in an emotional state for the rest of the day.
After the service I think that most of the congregation went back to the family home where we had a buffet lunch, this we had in the lovely large country garden which had been created by my cousin’s wife, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. This house had been the home of my grandparents when they retired from farming, being there again brought back memories of all the times I had visited them when I was young.
It was good to ‘catch up’ with my cousin’s children and grandchildren who live in Kent,I also met friends that I had not seen for many years. Because I visit this area very rarely my younger son took me to visit two elderly friends who I telephone regularly but haven’t seen for many years. It was good to see them, both live on their own in ‘sheltered accommodation’ at different locations, it was sad to see how fragile they had become, they were delighted to see us.
We had a good journey home, after dropping me at my flat ,my son set off for the North. Today I feel very tired and emotionally drained but very glad that I went.

Up to Date News

I have not written for a while because I have been having an “up and down” summer.  I had a very enjoyable weekend when my family  came to visit.  On the first evening we had a BBQ in my yard/garden enjoying the food by the light of large candles.  The next night we had a special meal at a vegetarian restaurant, only two of us are vegies but we felt that it was their turn to have the best choices.  I enjoyed the food,it was tasty and imaginative

We eventually had our Book group meeting to discuss “The Last Exit from Brooklyn”.  Only one person appreciated it and defended it vigorously, the rest of the group concluded that it was a work of its time when it shocked the reading public with its descriptions of rough sex, drug taking and the ill treatment of women  During the intervening years we have become inured to these sort of sordid tales and have become unshockable, not a very good thing!!!! The whole group appreciated the quality of the writing so we were fair with our marking and gave it 5 out of 10.

I have been thoroughly bitten by the ‘gardening ‘bug and have spent all the time I could spare planting and later harvesting. I have made lots of mistakes and have made a note of them for next year. The biggest successes were my wonderful crop of the sweetest tomatoes, fragrant sweat peas and tasty French beans. I was disappointed with my courgettes, if I had not pollinated them by hand I would not have had one, cucumbers were only a little better. I must grow some thing to attract bees. Any ideas for a small pot/yard garden?
The ‘down side’ of my summer has been the fact that the ‘injury’ to my leg has not got better, I am waiting for a ‘scan’ at the hospital. I do not think that anything can be done about it, if I was a millionaire footballer perhaps they would operate but I think I will have to let it get better in its own time, it has been four months already so it would be nice to know exactly what I damaged just running for that bus. I will never run again. I have not been travelling on the bus, stepping up has been just too painful. I have been collected by car because we have been so busy at work, I am quite comfortable sitting down but have to keep moving to stop seizing up altogether.
I am sorry that this has ben such a ‘moan’, I will try better next time.