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Autumn, 2013

Sadly I have eaten my last super sweet “Sungold” tomato, not one reached the table, all were enjoyed like ‘sweets’. I have picked my last little bunch of sweet peas, as the season went on the stalks got shorter and shorter,the last few I floated in a wine glass, the perfume being as wonderful as ever. Summer is well and truly over and I am going to enjoy Autumn with it’s hopefully glorious colours. I am taking cuttings of fuchsias for my daughter’s plant stall at the Farmer’s Market. The first one a few weeks ago was a great success, every thing got sold and she took orders for more, the next one will be in the Spring. I have now turned into a minor supplier of herbs, garlic chives, basils of different flavours, and any thing else i can persuade to grow, all good fun!!!! She and I now talk about plants rather than about the strains of her teaching job, she has been a ‘high powered teacher’ for the last 30 years and has had enough. Helping two daughters through university will keep her working until they qualify,so her gardening is a real ‘stress breaker’
Thanks to the diligence of the staff at my surgery I had an appointment at the”Trauma Clinic” within days. As soon as I got there I was whisked off to the X.ray department to find out if my hips were o.k., they were all right. The consultant then manipulated my ‘poorly leg’ and decided that I should have a C.T. scan within three weeks. I now have an appointment for the scan on October !st so I will bore you with the result later on, I just hope that I will be able to walk better when “all is revealed’ and not feel so old and decrepit, at the moment I feel at least one hundred and one and I don’t like it but I might have to put up with it!!!!!!!!!