Monthly Archives: October 2013

Out of my Depth

I have had my C.T. scan, it was a bit of an anti-climax,a sort of bridge -like structure made many journeys over my prostrate, perfectly still body, it travelled about three feet above me. The technician told me that thousands of pictures had been taken of my injured leg and the consultant would have to interpret them before they could diagnose the problem. So I am no wiser!
I usually love to tell you about the current book that we discuss at the Book Group, but this month I was completely out of my depth. Most of the group have been to University, I did not even get as far as A.Level, my father wanted me back on the farm to look after the sheep, so I missed out. My lack of further education certainly showed this month.
The book chosen was”Interviews with Hideous Men” by David Foster Wallace. This book was chosen by the member who always choses “challenging” books,this one certainly “challenged” me. It did not help that I did not hear a vital bit of information about the author. It is a book of short stories in the form of interviews as if with “clients”. I nearly gave up reading it altogether during the interview with a “Depressed Woman” it was so long and awful, at times I could not tell whether it was meant to be funny or not, perhaps it was. I read most of the book which covered many “Men’s” problems including “sexual” ones. I continued reading it because I knew that one member of the Group would love taking this book apart, and I wanted to follow his reasoning and understand it all a bit better. As I read the book I became very worried about the author and his state of mental health, so I was not surprised to learn during the discussion that the information that I had missed was that the author had committed suicide in his early 40s. Perhaps I would have been a bit more sympathetic if I had known this from the start perhaps not!!!! We always vote on the book, I thought that the Group were very generous giving it 5-6, At first I gave it 2.5 but eventually gave it 3 as I had been “educated”. We had lovely cakes and wonderful trifle to follow the lively discussion. The next meeting is at my home and they have chosen “Tinkers”, a Pulitzer prize winning first novel by Paul Harding. I brought three books for them to consider and they chose this one which describes the memories and musing of a dying old man. I have not read it yet, I hope that I do a bit better with this one as it is one of my choices. I will let you Know!!!!!

Autumn has been kind, warm and not too wet. As I have a pot/container garden,I now have to change everything around, I move all the summer flowering containers to the sheltered resting area and bring forward the pots containing the Spring flowering bulbs which have started showing”green shoots”. I have also ordered seeds for next year paying particular attention to those suitable to my area such as courgettes that do well even in bad summers, they are self pollinating, perhaps I will have more than 4 next year!!!!
I hope that you all enjoy some wonderful Autumn colours, particularly my friends in New England.

P.S. Remember to have your ‘flue’ injections.