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Catching up, and starting a new project

I had a funny sort of day yesterday, it started off with an in depth conversation with my doctor. As most of you know, I injured my leg running for a bus eleven months ago and I have undergone four different scans and an X-ray during this time with no sign of improvement. Last week I went to see a leading physiotherapist who gave me an extremely vigorous examination, this was to ascertain whether I need a hip replacement or not. Having consulted with each other my doctor and she agreed that I should have an MRI scan to make sure once and for all the cause of this nasty, pain in my groin, enough of moaning!!
I am one of three people who produce the blog “Jkinsleyfilmreview”. One of us is a “film buff” who sees about three films a week, he then writes a review which I type up with one finger, then the third person edits my mistakes and finishes off the review with the appropriate poster. This review is being read by thousands of people all over the world, we have a lot of comments. Because of my injury I have not actually been to the cinema for a while but this week a very kind member of the “Book Group” drove me in her car to a local film club where I watched one of the films that we had just reviewed which was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I watch a lot of T.V. so the difference was immediately apparent, everything so bright and clear and loud. I enjoyed watching and sharing the jokes with the other people. Thank you for taking me!!!
On Saturday night the “Book Group” meet to discuss “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris This is a collection of articles and accounts of happenings in the life of an American journalist who often broadcasts on Radio 4.. As I said before, I have laughed, cried, cringed and I’m sure misunderstood what he has written, yet I have still not made my mind up about this book even though I have finished it, so I cannot give you any judgement on it, you must get it yourselves and let me know what you think.
This afternoon my life has taken a new turn. I was just finishing my lunch (I don’t work on Friday) when there was a knock on the door of my flat, the visitor was my neighbour from the top flat, a young girl, who was seeking my help in order to learn to speak English. My children are teachers, I hope that something might have rubbed off on me: as you all know my own English is not exactly perfect but I agreed to help with a bit of conversation. Golly, it is extremely difficult to start with someone who has practically no English at all, a very interesting and exhausting afternoon. I have great hopes as she was a law student in Syria. I am now going to borrow some easy reading books that my grandson has finished with. I am also going try and get her enrolled in a proper class while I continue with conversation. Wish me luck with my new project!!!!!
Thoughts about David Sedaris’ book “”Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” after the book Group discussed it on Saturday. There were mixed opinions but every one like part of it. Those members who had listened to his regular programme on BBC Radio 4 said that we missed a lot in his writing, his ‘timing’ when delivering his stories made the humour. I must try and listen to him as soon as i can.

A Lovely Spring Day at Last

My spring flowers are dancing in their pots in my yard/garden, my washing is swinging on the line in gorgeous sunshine and at last all seems almost right in my small world. After the wettest, windy winter for many years it seems to have come to an end. Even though we had torrential rainfall, the temperature was never very cold, so the spring bulbs came up early and are now looking beautiful, the daffodils growing in pots with crocus and grape hyacinths. Primulas and cyclamen showing off in pots of their own.
During a particularly bleak period I decided to sow seeds to cheer myself up, I do this every year even though I know better, so now I have pots of basil and chives which is O.K. but I also have a lot of tomato plants that I will have to ‘nurse’ along to stop them getting too leggy. I never learn!!! I just cannot wait long enough to plant a seed into a pot and then within a few days seeing a plant appear.
At Christmas I was given a great book to help me with my garden, “Grow Your Own Crops In Pots” by Kay Maguire, published by “The Royal Horticulture Society”. It recommends growing mixed crops in largish pots. I have just planted up a pot with peas in the middle with beetroot and lettuce around the outside, another has chives in the middle with carrots outside. I will let you know how the different combinations get on. One of the advantages is that I can position the pots where I think that they are best suited.

I am reading the next “Book Group” choice “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris, he is an American who is a regular contributor to Radio 4. It is a book of short stories/articles, I am only half way through and have not quite made my mind up about it yet, I have both laughed, cringed, and recognised many of the situations delightfully described.

I am still struggling with my bad leg, no explanation so far, I stupidly ran for that bus nearly a year ago. I am sure that an answer will come soon Here’s hoping!!!!