Monthly Archives: June 2014

My sunflowers do not like the sun.

I have not written for quite a long time because i have been a very boring and grumpy old bat. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. I am still a complete bore about my gardening so you will have to put up with that but no more elderly persons moans about health.!!!!
I am particularly enjoying my pot gardening at the moment because I had an extremely helpful book for Christmas with wonderful photographs of how every thing should look. I was particularly keen to reproduce one picture of runner beans climbing up sunflowers, they looked wonderful and my grandson encouraged me to try. Well, I have tried with mixed results. In the first pot of four bean plants and four sunflowers, two sunflowers have worked well. In the second pot of the same, the beans are great but every time the sun comes out the sunflowers wilt. I give them extra water which revives them for a while, then as soon as they see the sun they droop. I have now turned them completely into the shade and they are looking a bit healthier but I doubt whether they will ever support a crop of beans. it has been an interesting experiment. I have eaten my first outdoor tomato and courgette and my grandson has had his first few pods of peas, not one of those will reach the pot. My small yard is a forest of growth with vegetables fuchsias and sweet peas.
Having always lived on a farm I have never been without a dog or a cat. now that I live in a town I have not had one because of the risk with a lot of traffic. Many months ago there appeared in my yard a very exotic cat. I had never seen any thing like it before. It was basically a black cat with an orange jacket on. It was bright matt orange (not ginger) no shades in the colour. The orange started before the shoulders and continued over the front legs, up the neck and down the front of the face in a V shape. It looked wonderful but not natural. It visited me a couple of times. A few months later a cat passed through my yard, it could have been the same cat but there was only shadings of orange growing out of its coat. Five days ago I found an extremely emaciated blackish cat sitting outside my back door, it looked familiar, it had the same orange eyes as my exotic visitor. I do not feed other peoples cats (I have had pets seduced away from me in the past), but in this case I felt that it was essential that this cat had some nourishment straight away. Of course I did not have any proper cat food but i did have a tin of tuna so I gave it a small portion of that, not too much so as to make it sick. I have gradually increased the feed and I must say that it has started to improve. I do not intend to make a pet of it by bringing it into the house but I will be looking after it. Of course it knows its way around so I do not worry about the traffic. I am not sure that it is the same cat as the exotic one even though its eyes are the same, that is not important. Perhaps that cat (or this) had had its fur dyed for a film or something, it will always remain a mystery.