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Autumn in the garden, and in an “Old Bat’s Life

We are having the most wonderful September in Wales.. We had a hot July, but as usual as soon as the children broke up from school it rained, and then kept raining for the whole of August.   Now that they are back at their lessons, we’re having gorgeous weather, golden sunny days and comfortably cool nights. The garden is also in it’s Autumn mode, all the tomatoes ripened and and have been picked, they have been a great success, too many to count, all ripened outside against my south facing kitchen wall. I grow them all from seed, trying to choose the sweetest with the best flavour. My favourites this year have been “Sun Gold”, “Sun Cherry” “Gardeners Delight” and “”Ferline”. I also tried “Sweet Aperitif” which were the very sweetest and most prolific but were the size of gooseberries, next year, one plant would be enough. The French beans that I planted under the tomatoes are being a great success, I did not pull the tomatoes out because that would have disturbed their roots, I just cut the tomatoes right down to the ground leaving the root ball in, I now have French beans in every container along with late lettuce. My highest disappointment has been with my courgettes, because I never seemed to have “male”and “female” flowers at the same time so that they could pollinate, I even tried to save “male” flowers but they died too soon! I had one solitary squash, so will not bother again. My main stay for green veg in the Autumn and Winter is lots of pots of perpetual spinach which just keep growing however hard I pick it. By the way, one of the “Sulky sunflowers is still growing at about 20 feet with it’s runner bean plant still clinging on!!!
The ‘Cat” did come back looking quite a bit better, I offered it food but it declined the first time and now accepts a few cat biscuits now and again, I would like to see it in a bit better condition with a glossy coat.
This is the time of year that my thoughs turn to Winter heating bills. The “money men”on the T.V.keep advising us to “shop” around for the best deal, so I have, and now will make some good savings with my new provider “Utility Warehouse Discount Club” They do not advertise but get new customers by word of mouth. I had been told about them by several friends but had been reluctant to change. If I had been with them last year I would have saved £300 out of £1,300, this would have helped a lot. I will keep you informed. They do all the “changing” for you. If you are interested, get in touch through
Now is the time that I start to think about my future, I hope that this it the Autumn of my life, perhaps I am kidding myself, it might be the “Winter”. However I feel that I am in a good place at the moment, no longer restless and looking for things that I cannot get. I am lucky that I have this great “flat” with a spare bedroom for visiting family I think that the ‘Pot Garden’ has added to my contentment, I have always loved ‘caring’ about something, and it gives me that thing to think about and plan for future seasons.
More important than the plants is the fact that I now have some great friends. When you move to a new area it is very hard to make genuine friends when you are older and on your own. I have now been here for twelve years and only now feel that I have proper friends that I can rely on, not just acquaintances. When I first came to live here I was completely out of my comfort zone and very lonely,(which is a truly horrible feeling), this lasted a very long time. I did not want to be over dependant on my wonderful family who are all just a ‘phone call’ away. I am rarely lonely now thanks to friends met at The Book .Group and at ‘The Quiz’.thank you all, you know who you are!!!!
I also have a wonderful doctor who takes great care of me and my ‘ageing’ bones.’As we get older we must accept ‘wear and tear’ on our bodies, so we must have a strategy to help us live with this. I am surrounded by a lot of friends who have had ‘hip’ replacements also knees and even shoulders. I have had a problem for more than a year with a damaged nerve in my groin, thank goodness I did not need a ‘hip’ replacement. My prescribed strategy is to do a lot of walking, drink pints of water while taking very expensive medication paid for by the wonderful N.H.S. We just have to accept the ‘downs’ of getting older while doing our best to enjoy what we have. Good Luck!!!