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“A Senior Moment” with the “Old Bat”

When I was young, having the odd forgetful moment didn’t mean a thing. Now, when I have more than the odd one I start to worry. When I was travelling on the bus to work one morning I sat down on the seat next to a lady that I knew really well, or thought I did. I could remember that we went to “drama” class for at least two years, I knew that she had two daughters , three grand children, and that we had spent at least two “New years Eve” evenings together, I knew all this but could I remember her name, no way, no matter how I tried. Of course as soon as I got off the bus I remembered, It was “Emily” When I got home that evening I telephoned her to apologise, she laughed and said that if it was any comfort to me, she could not remember my name either!!!!When I was young I would have laughed this off, but now that I am an “Old Bat” I worried about this for days before getting it into perspective
I have always been a little bit interested in “politics”, I found myself drawn in to the “Scottish” Referendum” debate and was very pleased that Scotland did not leave us, I felt that the U.K. would be diminished in the eyes of the world if we could not “Hang on” to our own. We, in Wales got over this at the time that Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales. Of course we also want all the advantages that the Scots get. Yesterday I went for a walk in the park near my flat, taking advantage of perhaps the last day of a wonderful summer, heavy rain and colder weather forecast. As I was walking along I was joined by someone I knew through work. As we walked along I was forced to listen to a lecture on behalf of U.Kip. I listened politely, but was not converted. I am one of the “undecided” and will listen to all the arguments from all the parties in the next nine months before the General Election”.
I spent last Sunday morning with my daughter and grandson watching our local Half Marathon race, all 2,500 of the runners ran past my front door. We positioned my garden chairs in the yard facing the road. We saw the first runner and we stayed there until the last limped past hours later. Among the runners we cheered on were my eldest grandson (his mother and brother were my companions),several friends all doing there ‘bit’ for charity. it was all great fun on a lovely Autumn morning. The eldest runners were both 81 years ‘young’
I have never tried to “steal” anybody’s, cat and I certainly have not tried to steal the affection of the skinny little black cat that arrived hungary on my back doorstep many months ago. At the time I thought that she was “stray” and that she was going to die, no animal is going to die of starvation if I could help it. As time went by she improved in condition, she put on weight and her coat started to shine. I never let her into the house, just gave her a feed and off she went. Imagine my surprise when she turned up yesterday wearing a very sparkly bright red collar. She asked for food as usual—I didn’t know what to do. I just gave her a little food and told her to “go home”. I will keep an “eye’ on her to see if she starts to lose condition and then act accordingly.
I had an eye test this morning and was so pleased to learn that I did not need new glasses, hooray I was wondering they where going to cost me.
I will soon be able to watch my favourite sport, steeplechasing. I was brought up training such horses for my father and I watched my brother ride many of them to victory. Happy times.

Retirement, an important decision.

The days are getting shorter and colder, winter will soon be with us and I have come to the conclusion that even I cannot go on working fore ever. I know that I only work three days a week in a voluntary capacity but I work as hard as I am able and do the very best that I can, just as if I was working for my self. Lately, I have felt that I am not as “sharp’ as I used to be and this worries me. I have always worked but not always for money. First of all I worked on my father’s farm, I was the main shepherd looking after hundreds of sheep, caring for them when they had their lambs etc, I also trained his race horses, this was a wonderful time of my life. I eventually had a farm of my own doing the same shepherding work but looking after many more. During all this time I was very proud to be recognized as a sheep farmer. Many years later due to a change of circumstance I had to leave the farm (I was of retiring age) and look for something else to do. This I found in a city second hand book shop where I was known as “the book shop lady”. Eventually the bookshop had to close and I had to look for another “volunteer” job which I found as a receptionist. I have enjoyed this job for many years and I am very reluctant to leave it, as many of the clients have become friends. In our society we have come to be known by what we do, I am now known as the ‘friendly receptionist” who loves to chat to the elderly men and women, many of whom live on their own like me, we have a lot in common, loneliness being one of them. When I leave, I will loose my identity and just become one of the many elderly. Of course, I an still “Grandma” to all my family and I am proud to be that. After much thought today I have decided to “ease’ my way into complete retirement and cut down to two days a week until after Christmas and then to one day a week after that. This way I shall have the best of both worlds for a little bit longer. This advice I am giving to my daughter who has been teaching for 35 years. “Go part time” I have said, it will be too much of a shock to stop all at once.  I an certainly going to do that.