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“”OLD BAT” being positive by taking exercise; walking and in the gym .

At last I seem to have come out of hibernation,  planting a few “Sweet Pea” seeds seem to have done the trick.   At last I am in the right frame of mind to write this blog. For anyone who happens to come across this,  it is really just one “old bat” sharing experiences with all the those getting a bit older. In this country at the moment we are bombarded with advice on how to keep healthy and live a bit longer. The main one, at the moment, is that we should all take more exercise even if we only walk energetically for 20 minutes a day,every day. I do walk around quite a bit but I also have a sedentary job being a receptionist three days a week. So off I went walking energetically, soon 20 minutes turned into 40 mins, then 1 hour a day..I was feeling so good that I rang the local sports centre and asked if there were any exercise classes for older people, there was one called “Gentle exercise” on a Friday morning at 11’oclock.  At the start of the class I was assured that if things got too hard or anything hurt I was too drop out and resume when the exercises got easier. To my great astonishment, I managed to work through the whole hour, it was not easy,  lots of marching,  bending, stretching, moving in all directions, moving all parts of the body that you are able to move and for the last 10 minutes exercises with dumbells, there I was lifting 1kg weights above my head and swinging them in all directions. It was all made easier because we followed the instructor and did all the exercises to encouraging music. I cannot say that I enjoyed all of it because it was quite hard and I nearly dropped out a couple of times but I was amazed that I could actually do it. I felt great and the next day I still felt good no ill effects at all. So I am advising all the older people who read this blog to look out for the nearest class to you, I thoroughly advise it. There is another class called “Extend” which is even gentler, I would have called the one I now go to as a bit more than “Gentle”but it is good to be “pushed” as long as you can “drop out’ if it gets too hard. There were about 15 ladies in the class aged between 40 and 80, so  at 78 , I don’t think that I was the eldest. After all this exercise you can treat yourself to a more calorific lunch!!!!

At the moment I am trying to make 100 or more “Welsh cakes” for a sale to raise money for our local Youth Club” to go to Ghana in the summer to help in an orphanage. “Welsh cakes” are a speciality of Wales. They are a cross between a scone and a biscuit cooked on a bakestone (planc) on top of the hot ring not in the oven, the mixture is rolled out and cut into biscuit size about one quarter of an inch thick. Recipe.

1lb of self raising flour( Flour with raising agent) 8oz of butter, 6oz of sugar, 6oz currants (or sultanas) 4 eggs, pinch of salt, half teaspoon of mixed spice. Method Rub the butter into the flour and sugar mix until it is completely mixed in, then add the dried fruit and mix in the well beaten eggs. Combine these together into a dough. Roll the dough three quarters of an inch thick and then cut them out with a round cutter. A wine glass does quite well. If you haven’t got a bakestone you could cook these on a very thick frying pan, these must be greased lightly with butter to stop them sticking. Do not let the pan get too hot as they burn easily. Cook until golden brown on the first side ,then turn over and cook the second side, about 5 minutes a side on a medium heat, they should rise a little. Delicious when warm, great cold and freeze very well, because they thaw quickly they are so convenient when visitors call unexpectedly. This recipe should make about 30. Good luck!!!!