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Old Bat enjoying the Gym after money raising failure.

As I said in my previous blog, we are trying to raise money to send our local youth club to Ghana to help in an orphanage during the summer holidays.  I had worked really hard making 160 Welsh Cakes by hand to sell at a cake stall in another youth club hall. We expected to have hundreds of people to turn up to buy the cakes also the hand crafts sent from Ghana. What happened, no one turned up, so I sat there for four hours hoping that someone would. Well, a few people wandered in, enough to make me stay there. What had gone wrong, they had for gotten to advertize. I now have a deep freeze full of beautiful welsh cakes, thank goodness they freeze well and will be handy if anyone drops in for a cup of tea as they thaw in moments. This is a problem, they are far too handy for me to ‘scoff’!!!! Apparently, our Youth club is going to have another sale in our hall in April. I shall make sure that they have arranged lots of advertizing before I even think of making another one!!! I am now back to being a “Grower again, I have sown many seeds which I hope will stock my vegetable garden. I have sown them later this year,as last year I made life far too hard for myself as Spring was late so I could not put my tomato plants outside until the night temperature was over 10 degrees, I was carrying heavy pots into the house every night, it nearly killed me. I have a new hobby,.”Going to the Gym”, I have joined a special gym for Women only. It is not like any gym that I have heard of before but I am going to give it a go because it fits my special needs. I had started going to a class called “Gentle Exercise”‘ I think that it probably was gentle for some people but not for me. I found an hour of continual marching and bending just too much. The teacher did say that we could drop out and rest at any time but Pride always took over and as no one dropped out neither would I even if it killed me, so I always did too much. At this new gym we do not exercise standing but lie on electric driven beds which stretch the body in different directions whilst we hold on to metal bars and stretch, each bed is different. This is not a good description. We do the prescribed exercise on each of 6 beds for 5 minutes only. It is called Curve I Cure. I will let you know how I get on, so far so good, I felt exhilarated. The sessions are only 30 minutes and you can go 6 times a week, of course there is a cost, £20 a month. you can book in at any time 5  days a week. I was only slightly stiff the day after but I knew that I had been exercising. I will let you how I get on, I have signed up for a year, lets hope I make it.


The”Old Bat”‘catches the Shopping Bug!!!!

When I moved from the farm to the city I did not have the right things to wear so I had to buy a new wardrobe of clothes,  nothing “flash” but just things to wear to work and something a bit nicer to wear when I went out. Also my old worn out under-wear was not suitable for my visits to the hospital..   This was thirteen years ago, now those clothes are worn out. I hate shopping. not only in the city.  I could shop on-line, my friends were  just persuading me to do this when I spotted an advert in my  T’V’ Times for just the sort of trousers that I wanted. The firm was “Damart”, well known for producing very good thermal wear. I sent for the trousers by telephone and was very pleased,  they were just right for my size and age. If they had been wrong the firm would have collected them from my house. A catalogue was included in the parcel. Knowing that all the rest of my clothes were wearing out I studied all the cheap “offers”  month  by month  as the catalogues arrived.   I waited  and waited until I could buy all my favourite brands at a fraction of the “shop” price. It was like a game (Hunter gathering my new clothes).
I enjoyed waiting for the parcels to arrive with a frisson of excitement at the thought of more cheap, tempting offers. I now have everything that I really need at a very cheap price so the ‘Game” must stop, but the catalogues keep arriving.
I had said to myself ‘no more,” until last week when the latest one arrived with an offer that I had  difficulty turning down. At the very beginning, there was an advert showing a very pretty “Mary Berry” style summer jacket, navy twill with summer flowers printed on it. Mary Berry (the cake baking Queen) had worn just such a jacket when judging “Bake Off, and I loved it, it was cheerful .  I lusted after this for months, it was quite out of my reach, price wise. This week the price has dropped 60%, too tempting. I could now afford it, I don’t really need it, is a luxury, should I treat myself?
Having thought about it, I have made a compromise, I have bought the jacket, it will arrive next week,  I have cancelled all further catalogues so that I cannot be tempted again in the near future

. It was so nice, waiting for a parcel present’, a little bit of excitement, we all like something to look forward to which does not happen so often as you get older. I could easily get addicted to receiving parcels!!! Perhaps now, I am getting a small bit wiser1!!!! I hope that the jacket lives up to expectations, if it doesn’t I will send it back. Lesson learned!!!.