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The Old bat, praying for warmer nights and no more electrical failures

This year the Spring is particularly late. Last year I had all my tomato plants outside by day and night on May 10th, this year I can only put them out during the day because the nights are so cold, only 6 degrees tonight. Thank goodness I have shipped off a lot to “The Developing Plot” in Oxford. My daughter heard my cry for help, the plants were taking over my house particularly my bedroom, bringing them in and out evey evening became a major job, I had to keep repotting them so as not to hold them back so they had got very heavy. I hope that she was pleased with them, I had varieties that she had forgotten to plant, our favourite ” Sungold” being one “Sweet Aperitif” and “Ferline”‘ being the others.’ I am very interested to see how “Harbenger” performs, it is a new variety, it seems extremly vigorous, I am hoping that it will have lots good flavoured medium sized fruit so I can make tomato chutney, all the lovely small cherry ones are useless for this.
Once again I have been too quick planting runner and climbing French beans so now have had to protect the plants during the cold nights. All the different types of peas are doing well, the “mange-tout” are starting to flower, the “Sugar Snap” “Hurst Green Shaft” and even my “Sweet peas” are growing well. Once again I had notable failures. Having taken all the advice that I gould get, I built a 2 ft barrier around my carrot patch to prevent the carrot fly from eating the seedlings. The seedlings grew to about 2 inches when on a sunny afternoon I literally watched the plants disapear inch by inch before my very eyes. I could not see the fly as it munched up my plants leaving a few to remind me of it’s work.!! I am not going to bother again.
I am having a very unlucky time with my small electrical goods. The first to die was my 13 year old mobile phone which had only been used as a back up and when I went out to call for a taxi. It had cost £17 then and its improved replacement cost £11. Not too bad. The next to go was the charger for this lap-top, another £62 down the drain. This morning my micro-wave gave up the ghost, another £40 to replace it. What else is going to break down??? I expect tht I bought them all at the same time and they have all got the same life span. I did not include my very precious “Free bus Pass”” which I damaged myself in a fit of despair as the bus driver failed to stop and pick me up one morning on the way to work. The replacement cost £5 and a morning going into the centre of my city to get a new one, that is like visiting a foreign land to me.
A Week Later.
I am feeling a bit more cheerful, some very brave carrots have regrown from the roots so I will have a few. Cats are my major problem at the moment, that lovely soft earth is just right for “poo” so I have old Christmas decorations strewn all over my troughs. It is still very cold here at night but looking at my laptop forecast this morning I think that I have only two more nights of bringing the tomato plants inside.The “up side” of all this is that the plants look very well and have started to flower. I am also pleased with my runner beans that I took a gamble on, they are growing very strongly, only one plant has yellow leaves, probably the effect of that very cold night.
I cannot say just how much I enjoy my little Pot/garden, whenever I feel a bit “down” I only have to go outside and do some little job or other and immediately my spirits are lifted, especially now that my collection of fuchsias are starting to flower, thank goodness I only lost one during the winter.
So between working 16 hours a week, going to the gym three sessions a week and being busy in my garden, life is not too bad for this “Old Bat” at the moment.