Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Old Bat, feeling a bit ‘low’, seeks a solution.

I have been feeling a bit “down” for some time, perhaps the continuing cold nights have had something to do with it, the frustration of not being able to put my tomato plants out. However, the sudden death of Charles Kennedy brought matters to a head. He had always been my very favourite politician despite his well known flaws. I just could not get it out of my head. The T. V. coverage really upset me, I know that they could not conceal his flaws but was it really necessary to show him in a bad state at “Question Time” on the very day that he died? I thought not.
As you know I live on my own and go out to work on three days a week, I also go to the “gym” on three days so that covers six days, leaving the “dreaded Sunday” which is always an extremely lonely day. It is a “family day” when everyone else is busy doing “family things. My son came to see me last week which was great but I knew that after he left, I was going to have to find something to both fill my time and broaden my life. I thought that there must be many other elderly people in my position, or even worse, so I made my mind up to do something straight away.
First thing on Monday morning I rang The Royal Volunteer Service to offer my time as a “Befriender”, this is a person who has time to visit some one who is “housebound”. On Wednesday I am meeting an official for an interview, I have to bring two telephone numbers as references and three bills for ‘utilities’ to prove my identity. I will have to have a police check, after that I will be paired up with a suitable housebound person in my area. Unfortunately I no longer drive a car so this person has to live within walking distance or on an easy bus route. I have chosen to do my “Befriending” on a Sunday afternoon which is the loneliest day of the week. I cannot wait to get started, unfortunately the police checks takes quite a long time to come through, I also have to have some training. I will let you know how I get on.
My garden is now doing well, you can almost see the plants growing. I put my tomatoes out when the nights were still a bit too cold but I thought, maybe wrongly, that they were strong enough to stand it So far so good.
My favourite fuchsia, I thought it died in the winter, has suddenly sprouted strong growth from the roots. I am so pleased that I will be able to wonder again at it’s bright orange colour and it’s dragon like shape.. It was also a gift from one of my very best friends, so means a lot to me.